People often ask me what brand or a particular type of shoes are best for hiking. I can’t recommend anything more than Palladium Boots!

They are absolutely amazing!

You will pretty durable shoes for pretty reasonable price. Unlike some hiking boots that are $200-$300 a pair, the Palladiums are not much more than $100 for a pair.

Even special forces used to wear them, so that tells you something about their standard and quality.

If you are going to get Palladiums for your hiking trip, then I suggest you get one of the waterproof ones, because they are more sturdy and durable than the canvas ones. Especially when you are climbing, you might come across jagged edges and end up tearing your boots.

How Should They Fit?

The boots should feel snug around your feet and ankles. Since we will be trekking through some angular slopes, I would suggest you to get boots are ankle high. The boots should hug your ankles and feel comfortable.

The reason why I also recommend the water-proof ones are because, well in case you are trekking through muddy or wet surfaces, you will be glad that you decided to purchase the waterproof ones to keep your feet dry.

Inserting Soles

One trick I like is inserting soles into my boots. Because the soles help keep your shoes dry without perspiration as well keeping them snugly fit around my feet.

Best Material Choice

When choosing the material, I don’t recommend the canvas ones. Instead, choose materials that are waterproof and hardened leather.

If the waterproof Palladiums are maybe a bit expensive, you could try the Pampa Hi leather.

What I love about them is that you can wear them even during casual events and still get away with it. They are pretty much all in one kind of deal.