Even if we can’t go outside as freely as we used to, there are ways to stay in shape and keep a healthy body and mind.

Getting a Treadmill At Home

Getting a treadmill at home is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape. The only thing is we have to find time and have enough motivation to work out from our homes.

Yes it may be boring to run on a treadmill at home compared to a gym or out in nature, but a way to make it more interesting is to listen to music or audiobooks so that you can learn while you get healthier.

Build a Home Gym

Building a home gym is not that difficulty. A bench press chair or a table doesn’t cost that much and it’s a great way to develop and increase muscle mass.

Pullup bars are very easy to set up as well. If you don’t like the drilled pull up bars that are attached to a wall, you can get the ones that can be inserted on a doorframe and taken out.

Lat pull down machines are actually expensive, but you don’t necessarily need it, as long as you can do pullups, your back muscles will grew a lot.

If all else fails, you pair of dumbbells go a long way. From arm exercises, you can build your shoulder muscles, your core, your leg muscles, and even your chest. You just have to be creative.

Buy a Standing Desk & Desk Chair

If you want to stay productive with your work and get more done during the day, then you should try standing desk.

You are more focused and more alert when doing your work and you don’t tend to procrastinate as much because the more you put off work, the more you will have to stand.

The best standing desk chair are the ones that won’t make things too easy for you, but also give you a room to get better and grow. Yes, there are stages to standing desk chairs because you have to get used to the feeling and develop your core and leg muscles to be standing longer periods of time.

Meditation Exercises

The mind has a great effect on our bodies. If we think we are getting out of shape and fat, then by our assumptions and beliefs, it is going to affect our external reality.

So instead of worrying about whether you are getting fat or not, imagine yourself being healthy and skinny. You can even bring in sensations and feelings of your friends congratulating you and being surprised by how much progress you have made.

The important thing is to be in a relaxed state where you subconscious can be easily influenced. the mind is an interesting thing.