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With over 5 years of seasoned hiking experience, our guides are at your service!

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How To Clean a Hiking Backpack

Hiking and camping are great outdoor pastimes but like any other outdoor activity, they require good maintenance especially if you have a hiking backpack. While the backpacks are made to be lightweight and easy to carry, they still need some TLC to keep them clean and...

Best Tips for Planning Your Hiking Route

Whether or not your hiking trip will be adventurous and memorable depends on how well you have planned everything. Adventurous is a nice word, but we would not enjoy unpleasant surprises like getting lost, encountering hazards, and going through dangerous routes that...

How To Stay in Shape in 2021

Even if we can't go outside as freely as we used to, there are ways to stay in shape and keep a healthy body and mind. Getting a Treadmill At Home Getting a treadmill at home is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape. The only thing is we have to find time and have...

How to Prepare For a Camping Trip

If you don't prepare your hiking and camping trip well, it could be the single most important factor for determining whether you will enjoy your excursion or not. If you are not well prepared there are host of trouble and unpleasant experiences waiting for you. So how...

Best Shoes for Hiking

People often ask me what brand or a particular type of shoes are best for hiking. I can't recommend anything more than Palladium Boots! They are absolutely amazing! You will pretty durable shoes for pretty reasonable price. Unlike some hiking boots that are $200-$300...

Hiking in Mongolia, how nomads make Mongolian fur

Central Asia is one of the most exotic places to be and we all agreed on trekking the open Mongolian road and seeing something new. Last summer our group decided to try something new and go somewhere completely different, so we agreed on Mongolia. Getting to Mongolia...

Why You Should Start Hiking Today

I often wonder why people don't move and exercise as much. Everyone is using their smartphone, computer, and not taking time to care about their help. If people started caring more about their health and just ate better that would solve a lot of health problems that...

Skills Which Are Often Overlooked

Most real skills are not taught in classrooms or learned at training events, expect for mastering the art of looking interested while daydreaming, making vague noises in the way of approval and keeping yourself still as you count down the clock. The skills the you do...

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