If you don’t prepare your hiking and camping trip well, it could be the single most important factor for determining whether you will enjoy your excursion or not.

If you are not well prepared there are host of trouble and unpleasant experiences waiting for you. So how would you minimize those risks? Well here are a few of my experiences and tips so that you can enjoy your outing.

Bring a Flashlight

You may think that your phone flashlight or a simple pocket flashlight will be enough, but trust me, it is better to get a proper flashlight that you can use for farther distances.

800 Lumens plus is what is preferred, so try something more than that. I personally have been using TC1200 by 1Tac, and it’s a great flashlight that is very durable.

Check it out here:

You won’t fall into a ditch, you will know where you are going. What are the downsides of having a flashlight? They don’t necessarily even have to cost that much. It’s somewhere around $20.

Bring Enough Food

You want to make sure to bring enough food for everyone. Unless you want to go hunting and fishing and get down and dirty make sure to have enough supplies to last you throughout your journey.

You will need a mini freezer or portable fridge where you can store your food to prevent it from going bad. If you don’t have one, make sure to store your food in a cool area.

You should avoid carrying perishable foods because getting sick on the road is not a pleasant experience. If you need heavy proteins and it’s better to get food from a local restaurant or a cafe.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. If you are going to a hot region or climate, you should bring shorts, sunglasses, sunscreen, flip flops etc. For colder weather, obviously, a coat and clothes that will keep you warm.

While you don’t necessarily need that much or a full luggage if you are camping for a week or so, make sure to bring a warm jacket, or something that is opposite of the usual weather. You never really know if the weather conditions will change.

Make a Travel Route

Before embarking on your journey, you need to have a plan and route. Also tell your friends and family where you are going and when you plan to be back just in case something happens on the road.

Having a travel route helps you remain safe and sound, and you will know what to expect in case you might need to change plans.

Bring Games Without Electricity

Camping and hiking is a chance for you to disconnect from the world and clear your mind, so you should try to have as little amount of time with electronics.

Board games, cards, or anything that does not require electricity is something you should bring during your travel. Sometimes you won’t even have the luxury of electronics, so such games are a good way to connect with someone and be in the present moment.

Enjoy The Little Things

Lastly, just enjoy yourself. There is more to life than being serious all the time and putting too much pressure on yourself. Life is about the experiences you make and the memories you create.

Hiking and traveling is a great way to learn more about yourself and gain insight about your inner mind. So grab a journal and write whatever thoughts that come into your mind.